martes, 23 de septiembre de 2008


Estoy aplicando a la maestría. Y tienen la desagradable exigencia de que hable de mis planes. Personal Statement, lo llaman. Como si pudiéramos declararnos en una hojita. Total. Aquí va. Se aceptan sugerencias, como siempre. 

Personal Statement


It sounds childish and self important to say that I find personal statements haunting. But I do. If you get them wrong they mock you for a long time; and if you get them right, at 24, you are necessarily uninteresting. Still, risking either catastrophe, here goes.

For all the time I spend thinking about it, I know very little with certainty about my future, but one thing I know for sure is that I want screen writing to be my profession. I have great faith in the possibilities of fiction and in film as the best medium to expand those possibilities. I want to be a part of that. Screen writing is the best of two worlds because it allows you to work alone while forcing you to be collaborative. I love the idea of witting something that is meant to come alive, not just in the imagination of an individual but in a film making effort, that involves the input of many people.

 I often hear it takes courage to write something down; it takes courage to put it out there for others to judge it and to make it their own. But I believe when it comes to wrtiting for the screen or stage, the opposite is true. It takes courage to mount a production effort based on a piece of writing. It is brave to put the amount of money, people, time and sheer effort that film making requires, into what one person typed up, generally hunchbacked and deluded. Filming a writer´s screenplay is giving him the ultimate vow of trust. Any amount of formidable things have come from that trust.

It is relatively easy for me to make a quick list of my goals as a writer: I want to live happily through the things I make up; I want my work to change the life (or at least the afternoon plans) of complete strangers; I want to make my excessively brilliant writer parents proud; I want to make fiction that betters our reality. I could go on, but my primary goal is always the same: I want to earn my right to that initial trust. I do not know enough to claim it yet. I´m not sure anyone does. But I can´t think of a better place than this writing program, to start learning it.

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d.mastretta dijo...

con esas palabras, sera idiota el que no las encuentre encantadoras y te quiera en su escuela... un beso

RACHE dijo...


¡Pinche futuro cómo chinga!

Es oficial Cartulina, no sé qué quiero ser de grande. Curiosamente hubo un día en el que sabía qué quería ser de grande. Qué angustia.

Afortunadamente encontré un blog muy chistoso

Un saludo

Marian@ dijo...

Coincido con Daniel.

Tú discurso no sólo es inspirador sino que además nos recuerda el verdadero prepósito del cine... Cambiar vidas, o, al menos, momentos.

Finalmente la vida es eso... instantes.